Posted on 11-13-2015



Follow these guidelines for great service and then follow through:

• Lifestyle before home style. Find out what your clients like to do and show them homes in areas where they can do it. “You can install a pool or expand the kitchen, but you can’t change the location,” Bertagna says.

• Play tour guide. Show prospective clients the beach, the mountains, the dining and shopping district. Let them fall in love with your community.

• Be the welcome wagon. Help new homeowners settle in. Connect them with the guy that knows the best fishing spots. Do they play golf? Join your clients for a round. Ready often brings together clients with similar interests for happy hours so that newcomers can make friends.

• Be a trusted source. Does your prospective buyer have a sweet tooth? Point her to the new bakery in town. Does your client need a handyman? Know just who to call. Continue the relationship past the sale, and the client will likely return the favor with referrals.

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